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Dental Braces

Braces Consist:

Type Of Braces:


Your dentist will periodically tighten or replace the archwire during check-up appointments. These adjustments gradually shift your teeth into their proper places.


The duration of treatment varies depending on your individual needs. It can range from several months to a few years. Regular visits to your dentist are crucial for progress tracking and adjustments.

At KALM, we prioritize your comfort and strive to make your root canal treatment a stress-free experience. Our skilled dentists use the latest techniques and technology to deliver precise and efficient care. Don’t let tooth pain disrupt your life any longer. Contact KALM today to schedule a consultation and let our compassionate team restore your smile with expert root canal treatment.

It’s essential to maintain good oral hygiene while wearing braces. Brushing and flossing after meals, avoiding sticky or hard foods, and wearing mouthguards during physical activities will help protect your braces and teeth


Retainers are crucial for maintaining the investment you made in your orthodontic treatment. Without proper retention, there is a risk of orthodontic relapse, where your teeth slowly move back to their original positions. There are two primary types of retainers: fixed and removable retainers. Fixed retainers are permanent retainers that are bonded to the back of the teeth. They are usually made of a thin wire and are not visible when you smile. Fixed retainers are ideal for preventing relapse in cases where the risk of tooth movement is higher. While removable retainers are removable appliances typically made of clear plastic or acrylic with metal wires. Removable retainers should be worn as instructed by your dentist, usually during the day and at night, to maintain the alignment of your teeth.

Remember, braces require patience and dedication, but the results are worth it! A straighter, healthier smile can boost your confidence and improve your overall dental health. If you have any questions or concerns about braces, don’t hesitate to consult with our dentists.

Keep smiling and embrace the journey to a more aligned and radiant smile with braces in Bali!